Instructional Personnel Performance Appraisal System (IPPAS)



Evaluation System Overview


Evaluation Timeline (IPPAS at a Glance)

2016-2017 IPPAS Handbook





IPPAS Video Notes (.ppt)


IPPAS Position Rubric Classification


Terminology for Administrators


IPPAS 2016 - 2017 Process


Evaluation Model



PGP Training


PGP Flyer

2016-2017 PGP Updates

PGP Update Training PowerPoint

Sample PGP Option A

Sample PGP Option B







Resource Teacher Rubric

Non-Classroom Teacher Rubric

Classroom Teacher Rubric

PGP Implementation

Collaboration & Mutual Accountability

PGP Development & Implementation (Excel)




IPPAS Editable Forms




Classroom Observation Instrument






Data Collection Tools



Instructional and Design Planning

Learning Environment

Instructional Delivery and Facilitation


Professional Responsibility and Ethical Conduct

Relationships with Children

Relationships with Parents

Mentor Classroom Observation

Peer Observation Log

New Teacher Mentoring Log for Mentee



Peer Coaching







Classroom Observation Videos






Archived Information



2013-2014 IPPAS Handbook

2014-2015 IPPAS Handbook  

2015-2016 IPPAS Handbook


CMA Teacher & Student Team Groupings Instructions

Q & A Forum

Share Pointe Performance Evaluation Repository

FY13 Instructions for IPPAS Upload



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